At this time we do not have any full-time posisitions open.


Information for game day/seasonal positions for the 2017 season will be announced in March of 2017

+Clubhouse Manager: The Windy City ThunderBolts are looking for qualified individuals to work on a seasonal basis for the 2017 season as a Clubhouse Manager.  The Clubhouse Manager is responsible for serving as a director of all team operations as it relates to taking care of players and the clubhouse operations. Individuals must be well organized, willing to work long hours, energetic and professional.

Start Date: April 17, 2017

The following areas are included in the Clubhouse Manager job description...
1.Daily cleaning of the clubhouse, locker room area, shower area, toilet area, coaches offices, training area, and laundry area. Sweeping/mopping, cleaning sinks, cleaning toilets, cleaning showers, cleaning mirrors and emptying trash cans are also day to day task involved.
2.Handle all laundry including uniforms and towels. The clubhouse manager will be responsible for maintenance and repair of uniforms, jerseys, pants and any other part of the uniform.
3.Coordinate team packing and loading/unloading of bags for all road trips.
4.Supply all team personal hygiene products
5.Prepare all equipment and water for team workouts
6.Order supplies necessary for clubhouse operation, with approval from General Manager
7.Handle all food and drink preparation before, during and after each game. Clubhouse manager would be responsible for providing light pre game meals (ex. cold cut sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, fruit, chips, etc.) and post game meals (ex. spaghetti, vegetable and bread). Water and sports drink will always need to be provided.
8. Would need reliable transportation to run errands for coaching staff and pick up players from airport.
9. Any other jobs that are necessary to improving the overall operations of the clubhouse and players.

What you need to know when inquiring about the position of Clubhouse Manager...
- Applicants must be 21 years of age at the time of employment
- Must be present for all games & workouts (very little flexibility on this)
- Position begins April 27th and will end sometime in September
- Games & workouts can be every day of the week
- Hours for this position are extremely erratic (early morning & overnight hours do occur)

There is no on-line application for this position.  Please email General Manager Mike Lucas at mlucas@wcthunderbolts.com to inquire about the Clubhouse Manager position.

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